Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"He Was a Victim of Circumstance, in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"

Chrismakwanzukkah™ may have come early (no pun intended) for those with hopes of picking up more Democratic seats in the 111th Congress, for it seems that GOP Senator Larry Craig may not resign after all.

"It's not such a foregone conclusion anymore, that the only thing he could do was resign," said Sidney Smith, Craig's spokesman in Idaho's capital.

"We're still preparing as if Senator Craig will resign Sept. 30, but the outcome of the legal case in Minnesota and the ethics investigation will have an impact on whether we're able to stay in the fight - and stay in the Senate."
It does not appear that the Craig camp meant to come out (no pun intended) publicly with these plans so early, but with all things with this bit of scandal, Craig seems to have misjudged who was on the other end of his machinations.
While Craig publicly announced his resignation at a news conference in Idaho on Saturday, CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reported that privately he was sending out a very different message.

In fact, just minutes before that press conference, he mistakenly called a wrong number and left a recorded message obtained by the newspaper Roll Call and confirmed by CBS News to be the voice of the senator.

"I'm willing to fight that. I've got quality people out there fighting in my defense and that this thing could take a new turn," he said in a call apparently intended for his lawyer.

This silly drama all started when Craig mistook who was on the other side of a public toilet's partition, and it lives on because he cannot dial a bloody phone number properly.

But, in all fairness to Craig, I hope he wins this fight, because after all he has not been found guilty of an sort of improper conduct in regards to his serving in the Senate, and truly he has only pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, a plea he now regrets and recants. So, why not fight?

In fact, Senator Craig, I ask you please fight! Fight for and retain your Senate seat. Run for the nomination of your party in 2008 in Idaho. Rather than allow your party to abandon and throw you under the bus (then back up and run you down with said bus), let the voters of Idaho decide your fate. And eventually, make room for the new Democratic senator from Idaho, To Be Determined!

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