Thursday, September 13, 2007

In response to my much esteemed colleague

I am somewhat overwhelmed to be in the company of such nationally recognized bloggers when I hail from just the unenviable state of Florida, especially the likes of our blog here.

That said, can I just say about Gadfly's post and its comments that it never seemed the Republicans were whiney when they were in the majority and our feeble, really feeble, Democratic minority stopped them. We were evil and the Republicans were just whatever.

Now, we are whiney whether we take a stand or fold. Even in victory, we lose because of the positioning of the media.

This is ALWAYS the fault of the follower. PR and marketing teaches a simple truth: FIRST to the market wins. Your message doesn't have to be true. It doesn't have to reflect reality. This is the lesson Republicans have learned.

Be first. Then, follow up. Follow up loudly. Follow up again. Follow up after the last whimpers. Follow up with the message and stay on it.

It is a lesson Democrats have not learned. Our willingness to speak freely and not follow the crowd have proven to be our folly. We don't speak in lock-step. We don't follow like lemmings to the sea. It is our very essence that defeats our ability to win the message.

For the Repubs, it is most like the Palace Guard in the Wizard of Oz - one great mission for all and only absolute defeat forces the abilty to concede, which is just a matter of language now.

We start out different with many voices. We are different; therefore, it is difficult to speak with one voice. As with any marketing, too many choices creates an inability to chose.

That is the establishment Democrat. Frozen.