Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last Night's Democratic Debate--Is Bill Kristol One Toke Over the Line?

The Democrats had their most interesting debate of the year last night. The New York Times has an excellent critique. If you didn't watch the debate you might want to read the Times article.

It never hurts to find out what the opposition is thinking. This morning Josh Marshall had a one line link to Bill Kristol's Daily Standard comments. Here is Josh's entire post. I hope repeating it verbatim is fair use because I don't know how to summarize Josh.

Kristol tokes up and analyzes the Dem debate.
I disagree.

More on the other side. UPDATE -- TPM has produced a highlight's video. It's embedded after the flip.

I think Bill is a couple or three tokes over the line on where the country is right now, but he has a good take on front runner Hillary's weakness.
She's out of sync with her party. That means if she stumbles once, and the magic cloak of inevitability is torn, she could be finished. Obama and Edwards will pour everything they have into winning Iowa. The Iowa Democrats are dovish. What Obama and Edwards will say, over and over--when they go up with serious paid advertising--is that Hillary voted with Bush in October 2002 on Iraq (and has never apologized) and that on September 26, 2007, Hillary voted for the Lieberman-Kyl amendment that (allegedly) lays the predicate for military action against Iran. Hillary could well lose in Iowa. Then Hillary could well lose the nomination.
You can read the entire Daily Standard comment here.