Monday, September 3, 2007

Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul Seem To Be On To Something.

I have been away for a while. Going away is good. It helps you hear things more clearly. One of the things I have been hearing are the drumbeats of an expanded war in the oil patch. This time we are hearing that America is gearing up for a war on Iran. Are we are going to bomb, bomb Iran? No doubt there are rumors of war.

At the same time mainstream Democratic politicians don't seem to be very interested in America leaving Iraq war before 2008. The other day front runner Hillary Clinton told David Letterman that she wants a reduced presence in Iraq, but if you listen, she doesn't really call for a complete withdrawal. She thinks we can bring "the vast majority of our troops out of Iraq."

I am beginning to wonder if we shouldn't all be paying more attention to Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul on the issue of preemptive war. Here is a video that focuses on Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and a preemptive first strike on Iran. I know, I know, every time I mention Ron Paul some of our folks tell me he is just too far out. He might be on some subjects, but concerning our involvement in the oil patch his ideas deserve a listen. So do Mike Gravel's comments on the same subject. They seem to be almost prophetic in their insistence that America reject the neocon doctrine of preemptive war. The next time there is a debate, somebody needs to pin Hillary and Barack down. Are they in favor of preemptive war? The Republican front runners are to a man.

The video was posted by overmind25.

We Americans have a lot of work to do eliminating our dependence on the oil patch while building America for the 21st century. Until we do there will continue to be wars and rumors of war in the oil patch.

I hope you all had a wonderful labor day. Ready to get back to work?