Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Bonafides

I haven't blogged in a bit. I went out of the country and got an awful parasite that really put me under (-20 pounds in 7 weeks). But, this illness is evidence of my pedigree as a political blogger - being out of the country, that is.

Today, I have been treated to the rancor of Richard Cohen who believes that I and my fellow bloggers are no more well-read than, say, the ability to read Harry Potter ( I have read all seven more than twice and would gladly read many more); less traveled than a newborn moving from the birthing room to the nursery; and, less educated than the well-known drop out (name anyone) from my high school class.

Atrios takes exception.

Kos puts his son on record.

Kevin Drum sums it up best with the elite of blogosphere.

I only wish I was in this elite company but I'll take my shot:

  • I am a native Floridian and have never lived anywhere else - Cohen +1.
  • I have traveled to 12 foreign countries - Deb-TUD +1 = game even.
  • My longest foreign stay was 6 weeks - Cohen + 1/2.
  • I read and write one foreign language. Speaking, not so good - Deb-TUD + 1/2.

Still even but I think the tide is about to shift:

  • I have traveled to 47 of our 50 states - Deb-TUD +1.
  • I read an average of one book a week and at least one NON-FICTION per month - Deb-Tud +1.
  • I read an average of 3 state newspapers, 6 national news websites (CNN, NYTimes, Washington Post, McClatchy, MSNBC, Reuters, FoxNews), as well as 20+ blogs including RedState, Right Thinking and Little Green Footballs at least twice every day.
  • I was first of my DAR generation in my family (1673 on dad's side; 1770 on mom's) to graduate from college. BBA (cum laude), enrolled in MBA - Deb-TUD +1.
  • I started, owned, operated and sold a successful business - Deb-TUD +1.

Getting better:

  • Married 28 years to one person, happily (family values) - Deb-TUD +1.
  • Pre-registered to vote at 17 and have missed only 1 election (municipal, special, primary, et al), due to a flat tire - Deb-TUD +1.
  • Never voted a party line without looking at the candidates - Deb-TUD +1.

I'm not an "elite" blogger. That is not the point.

I am a well-informed citizen who is NOT shrill; who is NOT uneducated; who IS well-traveled; who IS well-read; who is polite; but, who WILL speak out.

That, I think, is really the issue with bloggers. Like everyone else on this site and elsewhere: We are reasoned. We are logical.

If we were barefoot and barely walking upright, no one would pay us attention. That is what the Very Serious People need us to be; otherwise, as you know, they would be irrelevant.

(Please note the appropriate use of the semi-colon, in its various uses, throughout this post. It enhances my bonafides. Thank you.)