Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul, How To "Promote" A Video On YouTube. Ron Paul, Did I Mention Ron Paul

This morning, as I was running my usual traps, I continued coming across a video by BigFatTonyCal. Over and over again, wherever I looked, there was the video. I couldn't get away from it. Finally I gave up and took a look.

BigFatTonyCal is a Ron Paul supporter, but the video, entitled Ron Paul Scheuer America has been Raped, doesn't mention Ron Paul once. It is a Fox News interview with Michael Scheuer who has written a new book about why America is facing terrorism from the Arab world.

Although the book seems appealing, what is interesting is how BigFatTonyCal promotes the video. Notice he has put "Ron Paul" right in the video's title. He goes on in his printed summary.

If you plan to support any of the following candidates. You will be responsible for the next attack on America.And that is the truth.Information is a powerfull tool. Be informed and know who you support.Inform anyone that thinks they want to support thease candidates what is in store for America.Stop supporting a corrupted Israeli policy and start acting like responsible Americans and take care of your own country first.Our childeren will thank us.

google "CFR MEMBERS" for a list, Candidates include:

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Joseph Biden
John Edwards
Christopher Dodd
Bill Richardson

Rudy Giuliani
Mitt Romney
John McCain
Jim Gilmore
Fred Thompson
Newt Gingrich

If you plan to Vote for Ron Paul sign the petition. Lets show America the support Ron Paul has.

America has been raped and lied to. If you support any CFR candidate you are voting for more corruption in America. Vote Ron Paul 2008 (more) (less)
Whenever you type in any of the forgoing names into the YouTube search engine, as I do every morning, the Scheuer video will pop up. Shameless promotion from somebody who is pushing a book. Oh, did I mention Ron Paul? I didn't, well how about that Ron Paul.

Here is Tony's video. It is kind of interesting. The misspelled words and incomplete sentences in the quote are Tony's.