Friday, September 28, 2007

Ron Paul Proves He Is A Real Pander Pol

Ron Paul thinks waiters and waitresses work hard for their money. He wants to give them a raise. Being the kind of guy he is, Ron Paul wants you to pay for his act of generosity. That is why he has introduced The Tax Free Tips Act, HR 3364, which amends the Internal Revenue Code to exclude tips from income and employment taxes.

According to Ron Paul

“Many service-sector employers are young people trying to make money to pay for their education, or single parents struggling to provide for their children. Oftentimes, these workers work two jobs in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families. The Tax Free Tips Act gives these hard-working Americans an immediate pay raise. People may use this pay raise to devote more resources to their children’s, or their own, education, or to save for a home, retirement, or to start their own businesses.”
That argument could be made about any tax. Why pander exclusively to waiters and waitresses? Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course, if waiters and waitresses get a special tax break we still have to pay for the government services our congress members buy. Ultimately you and I pay more in taxes so Ron Paul can score a few points. That is the way politicians always buy votes. What is different is that Paul is buying the votes of one little group at the low end of the income spectrum. I guess George Bush has bought all the votes at the other end by lowering the taxes on the rich. The least Paul could do is lower taxes on everybody in the working class.

One thing is for sure, despite all those who claim he is the second coming, Ron Paul is just another cheesy politician willing to let you pay so he can snare a few votes.