Thursday, October 11, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 11, 2007

Lately we have had a tendency to show videos produced or endorsed by one of the various campaigns. Originally this feature was intended to showcase truly viral videos emerging from the general community. The first important video of this campaign Vote Different was aimed at Hillary Clinton. So is today's video. Like "Think Different," this video is not the product of someone on the mad dog right. Nor is it intended for a winger audience. No, this video is aimed directly at Democratic activists and others left of center. It is clearly intended to spread across the left side of the blogosphere.

The video is short and is designed so that even someone with dial-up can watch it. It has decent production values. I might be wrong, but I don't think this was cooked up on some high school kid's laptop. All and all it is about the best "viral" video I have seen in months. Without further adieu Hillary - the Republicans' Ideal Opponent.

The video was uploaded to a brand new Youtube account just yesterday by pleasenothillary. Like I said, the video is truly viral. Was it produced by an opposing campaign? Does it come from a professional seeking attention? Is this the work of a talented newcomer? I don't know. I will try to find out.

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