Monday, October 15, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 15, 2007

A lot of us in the Middle West feel the real story of the Republican maladministration has been the Republican fleecing of the American middle class on behalf of their base, the upper 1%. Recently, The Tax Foundation reported that IRS numbers for 2005 showing the upper 1% of the population had extended its control of the national income to over 21.2%. That is up from 19% the year before and is a higher percentage of the national income going to the upper 1% than at anytime since 1928. According to the Economic Policy Institute

the top 1% of households gained $268 billion of total income and the bottom 90% lost $272 billion since 2001.
At its core the SCHIP debate is just another manifestation of Republican disdain for the American middle class.

Here Hillary focuses on yet another aspect of the Republican assault on America, the ever spiraling cost of higher education and the increasing difficulty American middle class families are having putting their kids through college.

Hillary has hit the road in Iowa. Today's video is called Following The Middle Class Express.

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If your friends tell you that all of this is class warfare, just tell them that the Republicans have been waging class warfare for real ever since GWB was elected. We in the middle class are losing and will continue to lose as long as the Republicans control the White House and have enough Senators to block meaningful legislation.