Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 16, 2007

Every so often I find a video that captures the excitement of a live campaign appearance. Frankly, most videos of campaign events are boring. The best candidate's enthusiasm is lost in poor camera work and bad lighting. Live appearance sound quality is generally spotty. Many campaign stop videos, even when produced by local television stations, spend far too long on applause.

This video is different. This video conveys the infectious revival meeting atmosphere generated whenever Barack Obama appears in front of a crowd. It focuses on Obama, and his message. It allows the candidate to shine through. CatEatCatProductions does a marvelous job with this video. It reminds me why Barack Obama is such a wonderful candidate. After watching it I have HOPE.

If you find a campaign video in need of broader play please email the link to proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject: Campaign Video of the Day.