Sunday, October 28, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 28, 2007

Today's campaign video of the day is a little late. I am glad I waited, because during this morning's Thisweek With George Stephanopoulos' round table several really serious people talked about Barack Obama's comments in today's campaign video.

This is easily the longest campaign video we have ever posted. Frankly, a 12:00 minute video from somebody's campaign is usually boring. I tend to look past such videos. Not today. Today I watched the whole thing. The video really is in two parts. The first is the introduction. Listen to the soft spoken teacher who introduces Obama. He really makes the point about Hillary that Obama needs to have made. Hillary is nice, but her answers are so tested there is little chance anything she says is straight from her heart. She just doesn't give you straight answers.

The second is Obama's response to the teacher's social security question.

The very serious people on "thisweek" wonder why Obama has decided to emphasize his position on social security. Well if the those serious people were paying attention they would realize that the message in the introduction is the key to this video. Obama's statements concerning social security are the same he has been making all along. I have a hunch George Will, Paul Krugman and Kristine Freeland fast forwarded over the introduction. After all they are very serious beltway people, what the heck do they care about the soft spoken thoughts of some Iowa teacher? It is one of those times when the pompous self-importance of serious people render their observations irrelevant.

Watch Barack Obama: Real Leadership on Social Security and tell me if I am wrong.

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