Monday, October 29, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 29, 2007

Yesterday I told you about the "thisweek" round table segement where the very serious Paul Krugman and the very serious George Will examined Barack Obama's recent statements about social security. I still think they are missing Obama's point.

Here is the Krugman/Will conversation titled Barack Obama on social security by YouTube poster adpdg.

Barack Obama has put up a new ad called "WIND" using social security to make the same point made in yesterday's video--Hillary is just another ordinary non-committal "politician" whose "ideas" have been focus group tested to exhaustion. There is no way the very timid Hillary is going to lead us to real change. She is afraid of offending anybody and everybody.

Social security is merely the issue Obama has chosen to deliver his real message that Hillary can't be trusted to be an agent of change. He probably chose that issue because Hillary has been particularly vague on her social security reform plans.

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