Friday, October 19, 2007

Chris Dodd Under Siege

The long knives are out for Courageous Senator Christopher Dodd, whose one-man fight to save our Constitutional Rights is being attacked by his very own "Democratic" "leadership."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trampling on 220 years of Senate tradition to ignore Dodd's hold on the bill to grant telecommunications companies amnesty for illegally spying on innocent American citizens.

Dodd is fighting back with a vow to launch a filibuster - a real one, not the fake threats the repugs use to terrify Reid & co. - but the powers funded by telco billions are just getting started.

Bloggers everywhere, including  FiredogLake, have publicized Dodd's fight, and thousands of people have responded with supportive emails to Dodd and contributions to his presidential campaign.

After bloggers revealed Harry Reid's machinations, thousands of calls and emails have poured into Reid's office, where by 4 p.m. his staff had reached the point of hanging up on people.

But it's not yet enough.  It's going to take millions of calls, emails and donations to stop the telco amnesty juggernaut.  It's going to take people talking about it to everyone you know, because the mainstream media is refusing to cover Dodd's Rebellion.

Let's get his back. 

Watch a video of Dodd talking about the bill and why he is fighting it.

Read Glenn Greenwald's superb coverage of the issue.

Read Retired Military Patriot's perfect letter to Reid.

Send a supportive email to Dodd.

Send a polite but passionate email to Harry Reid.

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