Saturday, October 20, 2007

Correction -- Paul Simon Is A Musician/Singer

The other day I mistakenly wrote that Paul Simons is chairman of the Easter Seals. It didn't take long Kristen Barnefield of Easter Seals to email me that

Jim Williams is actually Easter Seals president and CEO and Paul Simon (featured in our video you link to) is the musician/singer who was also involved in the press conference about SCHIP this past Tuesday.
To be told that Paul Simon is just a musician/singer demands a small clarification. For my generation Paul Simon is more than just a musician/singer. He is the poet whose songs truly built bridges over the troubled waters of our youth.

You are right, Kristen, it would be fabulous if Paul Simon were the Easter Seals chairman. I am sorry that isn't the case. I am also sorry for not correctly identifying Paul Simon's role with Easter Seals. Please accept my apology.