Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DINOs Beware: Your Primary Opponents are Drawing National Money


Watch your back, Blue Dogs, Bush-lovers and Ben Chandler (KY-6):  The Angry, UnSerious Left is taking aim at Bush Democrats.  And they're not just sending out complaining emails.

They're recruiting primary candidates and raising money.

Don't suppose you noticed how it was the angry left-wing netroots who returned Congress to Democratic hands last November. We didn't do that so you could flush our support down the crapper by continuing to roll over and play dead for Smirky.

We sent you back to D.C. with clear, strict orders to stand up to Smirky and put a stop to the Iraq disaster, torture, warrantless wiretapping, politicization of the Justice Department, and all the other un-Constitutional crimes this maladministration is blithely continuing right in front of your stinky brown noses.

Well you better notice now because we - we who handed you Congress on a silver platter - are royally pissed off.  You fooled us once, but we won't be fooled again.  We're shopping for REAL Democrats to challenge repug-lites like you in the primary, and we've got the wealth of the Net to back us up.

As Glenn Greenwald notes, the left is already mobilizing to take out every DINO it can find. (more after the jump)

If the Democratic Congress capitulates yet again, there will be plenty of time and opportunity for all sorts of recriminations. I think it is quite encouraging that much of the "netroots" is now devoting its energies and resources not to supporting Democrats, but to opposing Congressional Democrats who merit defeat.
Matt Stoller and Open Left, for instance, are devoting most of their energies to figuring out how to surmount the obstacles to waging effective primary challenges against Bush-supporting Democrats. The fund-raising entity run by FDL, C&L and others has begun targeting worthless Democrats, funding and running robocalls against Bush-enabling Democratic incumbents in their districts (those inclined can help fund those efforts here). MoveOn is actively considering spending large sums of money to support primary challenges against war-enabling Democrats. Obviously, there is no point in working to empower Democrats who enable and support virtually all of the worst aspects of the Bush agenda.

And Democracy For America has already found its first Progressive Challenger and is raising money.  From the national email:

With Democrats like Congressman Dan Lipinski, the Republicans don't even need to run a candidate.
There are some Democrats - Bush Democrats - who claim to represent us, but vote with Republicans on too many issues that matter.
Send a message to Congress: You're on notice. Regardless of political party, when Congress won't represent the will of the American people, then DFA members will fight toreplace them with someone who will.

This is one bright blue Democratic district where we can make a change; Mark Pera is the progressive in the primary. Support Mark with a contribution of $15 right now:

Support Mark

We, the Angry, Unserious Left. handed Congress to the DINOs, and we WILL take it back.

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