Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dispensationalism and American Iran Policy

I saw this Bill Moyers video the other night and it has been troubling me ever since. It goes a long way to explain just how modern Republican foreign policy has become disconnected from reality and why it no longer seems to serve the best interests of America. Just look at the politicians who suck up to Pastor John C. Hagee. The list is an absolute who's who of the Republican neo-conservative movement and, of course, Joe Lieberman, patron saint of Hagee's Christians United for Israel. All in all, Moyers has pointed his journalistic flashlight on something that is absolutely frightening.

I invite your comments on this one. After you watch the video, and read the stuff after the break, lets talk.

According to blogger Rack Jite

This all revolves around what is called Dispensationalism. We live in the Sixth Dispensation with the Seventh being what is often called the Millennium or the End Times. So popular is this thirst to have everyone in the world killed, that Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series has sold 65 million copies.

This is not some little group of misfits; they include Jerry Falwell's organization, Pat Robertson and his gang, 50,000 evangelical preachers and even Billy Graham. They are prodded on by the the Likud, the powerful Israeli Lobby, American Neoconservatives and as you see in the video, supported by Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, megalomaniac Newt Gingrich and Texas Senator John Cronyn to name a few. As was the case in 2002 and early 2003 the war drums are beating once again not only throughout the GOP, but in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party as well. A coming pre-emptive war with Iran seems inevitable, while at the same time so obviously the worst mistake in human history. And there seems to be no helping ourselves. It's not oil, its religion. Two opposing religions saying my way or the highway, both Evangelical fascists.
Bill Moyers Journal has a lot more on the subject including an extensive video of Hagee delivering the keynote address at A Night To Remember Israel, 2007. It also has an examination of the foundations of the theology of Christian Zionism. Boys and girls, get a handle on this view point. It explains a lot that has gone on the last 7 years. Remember one thing "Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series has sold 65 million copies." Get your head around that simple fact.