Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grumpy Old Neobloviators Kristol and Krauthammer Attack Al Gore For Winning The Nobel Prize

When I watched this piece this morning I was taken by how out step the neobloviators on Fox News Sunday seem to have become. Here they sound like a couple of grumpy old men who life has passed by. They shamelessly attack an American for winning the Nobel Prize and belittle the very notion of peace. All while besmirching the efforts of the Nobel committee. Maura Liason and Juan Williams give tepid opposition to the vitriol pumped out by Kristol and Krauthammer.

The tragedy is that Fox News felt it appropriate to feature Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer's pathetic attacks on Al Gore. Kristol and Krauthammer are both neocon dead enders who envision America as the new Roman Empire and who both hate the very idea of world peace. Isn't it about time Americans just stood up to Fox News and said enough already. We have given the neobloviators vision of Republican resource colonialism a chance. It doesn't work. Send both of them to a retirement home where they can harmlessly reminisce about how they would have won if Bush just had the balls to kill a few million more Iraqis.

I for one am tired of all their crap. Aren't you? Do yourselves a favor. Watch something else. Anything else. I know I watched Fox News Sunday for the very last time today. I for one am too young to spend time listening to grumpy old failures complain. Spread the word. Just say NO to Fox News Sunday.

Rackjite1's video should be tonight's funny, but it isn't. Giving vocal promoters of hate like both Kristol and Krauthammer, who are dedicated proponents of death a national soapbox to trash a real American who is actively trying to make the world a better place just isn't funny. I will try to find something funny.