Monday, October 1, 2007

In re: Marsha Blackburn

Pictured above is a map of Tennessee's 7th Congressional District, currently represented by one Marsha Blackburn, who is a grand example of what happens when your real estate lady reads too much Ayn Rand.

The 7th in years past was something of a swing district, although its prior representatives were Republicans Don Sundquist and Ed Bryant. After Bush's decisive victory in Tennessee in 2000, the state GOP demanded a safe seat in west Tennessee. This was achieved by the exquisite gerrymandering of Montgomery County (Clarksville) and the wealthy suburbs south of Nashville that you see above.

Given how her district is drawn, and that Blackburn rarely leaves her Williamson County suburban utopia when she's at home, it is entirely possible that Marsha Blackburn honestly doesn't know who she represents and who she doesn't. She is aware that part of Fort Campbell is in her district, though, as she sometimes finds it useful for photo-ops. Perhaps had Blackburn stuck around after the photo-ops and talked to some soldiers, she might have met some whose comrades had fallen in battle.