Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kay Barnes Sends Letter To President Bush And Sam Graves About SCHIP

This is just a passing thought, but it occurs to me that life must be difficult for a guy like Sam Graves (R-MO) who has stood firmly behind President Bush in opposing SCHIP reauthorization. As more and more of his constituents are losing dependent coverage for their children, he is about to face Kay Barnes. Unlike Sam's previous opponents, Kay, the former two term mayor of Kansas City who left only because of term limits, is a well funded seasoned professional with strong political roots in the district. She is already beating up on Sam for his opposition to SCHIP. This is from Kay's website.

Sign the Letter to President Bush

Kay Barnes has written President Bush, urging him to sign the SCHIP bill, which will fund health insurance for 57,000 additional low-income children in Missouri. Despite strong bi-partisan support for the bill, Bush and Sam Graves oppose it.
Such loyalty to the President is admirable. Too bad Sam doesn't show the same loyalty to the people of his district.

I have met both Sam and Kay, and can tell you that Kay is unlike anyone Sam has ever encountered. He is facing her at a time when his district is turning purple, Republican fortunes are down everywhere and he has tied himself tightly to an unpopular lame duck President on an issue where even 61% of Republicans think the President is wrong. Oh well, I am sure Sam has a lobbying job all lined up. Either that or he might go to work in Todd Grave's law firm. It unlikely he will be a Congressman come January 2009.