Thursday, October 11, 2007

Line to Replace Mitch McConnell Forms to the Left - and the Right


Now that Mitch McConnell's Communication Director has been outed for child-molestation-by-proxy, challenging the Senate Minority Leader for re-election next year suddenly looks less like a sacrifice bunt and more like a stand-up triple.

Truly sickening. We at BlueGrassRoots demand that McConnell fires Stewart. We don't want to be represented by people who find smearing a 12-yr. old kid with lies to be acceptable behavior.

Political speculators have abandoned the foregone-conclusion governor's race for rumor-mongering about potential Mitch-killers - Democrat and Republican.

Shack at The Rural Democrat and BlueGrassRoots has the most detailed analysis so far.

Is Senator McConnell vulnerable in 2008? Yes he is but McConnell will spend every dime of a probable $10 million war chest in 2008. New poll numbers show a massive drop in approval rating as McConnell had a 54% approval rating just last month, NOW his rating has plummeted to a terrible 45%. This tells me that a Democratic tsunami is probable in November of 07, can the Democrats hold that water for 08? I think a Horne, Luallen and or Stumbo could stand toe to toe with McConnell IF the Democrats find a way to avoid a bloodbath during the primary.

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My two cents:
  • Crit Luallen, who would make a superb governor and excellent senator, is currently running for re-election as state Auditor. I have a very difficult time believing that she would meet the January 30 deadline for filing for the Senate race less than three months after winning re-election to a four-year term. I also believe that Crit, a cancer survivor, had very good personal reasons for not running for governor this year, despite heavy pressure to do so. If she wouldn't run for the powerful post of governor against a loser like Ernie, why would she want to go up against a dirty fighter like Mitch for a much less-powerful post? Everybody says I'm wrong, but I won't believe it until she files the papers.
  • Greg Stumbo, leaving the post of Attorney General after hitching his star to Criminal Loser and Fake Democrat Bruce Lunsford this spring, is quite possibly the only Democrat in Kentucky who could NOT beat Mitch. Go after Hal Rogers for the Fifth District seat, Greg, and leave the rest of us alone.
  • Iraq veteran Andrew Horne, Lt. Col. USA Ret., has really sprouted his political wings since losing the 2006 primary to John Yarmuth, who took the Third District seat away from Anne Northup. He speaks constantly against the Iraq disaster, against Smirky, and against spineless Congressional Democrats. There's a strong Draft Horne movement in Kentucky, but the Lt. Col. has yet to make a commitment.

That's not to mention the republicans who are making anti-Mitch noises, and there are more in both parties to come, especially after November 6.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a wild and woolly ride.

UPDATE, 7:13 p.m. Media Czech at BlueGrassRoots delves into the SurveyUSA tracking poll and finds that once plotted graphically, Mitch's latest approval/disapproval numbers represent less a plummet than a free fall.

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