Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Manifesto Joe's Great Moments In Conservative History, Chapter 5: Sins Of The Grandfather

This isn't news, but it never hurts to remind progressive blog readers now and then about how the Bush political "dynasty" was built on trashy, crypto-fascist blood money.

Here's one link about old granddad Prescott Bush's business dealings with Nazi Germany.

Here's another about his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow FDR.

And here's yet another on the would-be coup.

When I brought some of these things to the attention of a right-wing friend (now an ex-friend) several years ago, he replied something to the effect that one cannot hold the present-day person responsible for the sins of the fathers, or grandfathers.

Days earlier, I had heard this same person trashing Ted Kennedy by referring to Joe Kennedy Sr.'s alleged connections to bootlegging, his practice of what is now considered insider trading, and his anti-Semitism.

When you wake up in a new world every day, I suppose you don't have to worry about such contradictions. You just turn on the radio and absorb the Rush talking points.

Anyway, I don't hold George W. responsible for anything his granddad did, or may have done. Il Doofus has done plenty on his own that his grandkids will have to live down.