Thursday, October 18, 2007

New AG, Same as the Old AG

You thought Gonzales was bad.

Our soon-to-be-confirmed new Attorney General has told the United States Congress, under oath, live on the tee-vee, essentially the following:

- Torture is perfectly fine and hunky-dory, as long as we don't repeat the "mistake" of writing down in memos how cool it is to play Jack Bauer. And as long as Smirky keeps lying to the world by saying we never torture.

- Habeas Corpus, the 900-year-old foundation of Democracy that you can't just lock people up for no reason, is a silly luxury we can't afford any more.

- Smirky is perfectly entitled to declare any U.S. citizen an enemy combatant and send them away to Guantanamo to be anally raped and waterboarded, for no reason whatsoever. As long as you are a Smirky-fellating, sky-wizard worshipping, loyal republican lemming, you have nothing to worry about.

- The Rule of Law - the only thing standing between us and utter chaos - is for wimps.

- The U.S. Constitution - the founding document of principles that gives Congress precedence over both the presidency and the courts - is stupid.

Although the Washington Post, like a good little lapdog, is suggesting that Mukasey made clear his opposition to torture, Glenn Greenwald in Salon live-blogged the hearings and proves otherwise.

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