Friday, October 12, 2007

Oxymoron Meets Moron

Just don't expect him to actually answer

Far from a "macaca" moment, but still indicative that the GOP frontrunners for the presidential nom are nothing but a passel of buzzword chanting bastards. Compassionate conservatism has always been known to be a bumper sticker platitude to members of the Reality-Based Community, but naturally the The Gullible Third™ eat this offal like candy.

During an October 7 campaign stop in New Hampshire, Romney was asked a perfectly nuanced question regarding the validity of medical marijuana in treating the worst side effects of terminal illnesses.

Here is a longer piece of video than has been currently making the rounds, with better audio.

When asked "will you arrest me and my doctors if I get medical marijuana?" of course the biatch punts, and turns his back on a terminally-ill man in a wheelchair. "I'm not in favor of medical marijuana," Mitt4Brains™ responds. He's not only a douchebag, but he plays one on tv! This is so indicative of GOPer rhetoric, in this campaign and campaigns past: 1 mile wide and 1 inch deep.

Do the GOPer contenders really want to jail doctors and patients for using medical marijuana? Doubtfully, just in the way they don't actually wish to jail doctors who perform abortions nor the patients who undergo them. It's simply more red meat for Red State [of Mind]™ rednecks. Even the Gullible Third™ deserve better...they just don't want any better.