Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reich Wing Media As Comedians--What A Concept

Usually we yuck it up with the nightly funny. This comedian or that comedy team making fun of our politicians and their political insanity. Tonight we are changing things up a little. This funny comes from Keith Olbermann's Countdown. In it Keith makes a wonderful point. Fear ends when you start laughing at the fear mongers. Our national nightmare will end just after we start laughing at the stupidity of the Right Wing Fear Machine. When we hold those who would exploit our real concerns up to ridicule, the fear mongers will slink back into the ooze from whence they came.

Tonight's funny was posted yesterday by Rackjite1. It holds Michelle Macklin, Glenn Beck, the President, Rick Santorum, and a whole bunch of Fox News clowns up to ridicule. It exposes their fear mongering at its most laughable. Olbermann doesn't laugh, neither do the fear mongers, but we all should. Tonight's funny.