Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Watching the Debate

UPDATE: It's now 1.50 minutes into the Democratic Debate. The one thing that will make me and a lot of Independents vote for the Democratic designee in the General Election is the overall intelligence of the entire Democratic field. It stands out when you look at any Democratic candidate while looking at a Republican candidate - much further above the Christianist language of the voting wing of the Republican voters.-The bottom line is that the least of our candidates appeal to the most of the voters - regardless of their affiliation or NPA.


I'll admit that everyone who knows me knows that I respect and have great regard for Hillary Clinton. I've been watching tonight's debate from the beginning. I don't mean to "live blog" it but I see something interesting happening.

Suppose you were in a private enterprise, on a training day, wondering who really was in charge. I think today, as in every other debate, that question is answered by who is playing "Catch up". Who is running the stage as opposed to replying

Frankly, it looks like everyone on stage is playing catch up to Hillary. This may be "poll inevitability" or not. Whatever. I'm just commenting on the leader on stage.

Even when Biden led the message that Pakistan was a greater threat than Iran; even when Kucinich attacked over nuclear power; even when Edwards attacked on the lobbyist money issue, Clinton was the strongest candidate.

I think we want a candidate who will stand up. When Edwards wonders who will take care of this mess, I'm less concerned about Hillary having seen tonight.

But, I'll admit, you really have to listen.

Kudos to Biden for calling attention to Mayor (Rudy Gulliano) for the inexperience he has (or doesn't). He has awesome experience in foreign policy. I hope Biden is the Secretary of State or Defense for the next Democratic nominee. He's one of the best we have to offer. I'll be posting my Organizational Chart of the next Democratic President and Cabinet soon.

Stay tuned.