Monday, October 8, 2007

The Wurlitzer Prize For Wingnuttery For The Week Ending October 7, 2007

Today's Wurlitzer Prize Winning Wingnut of the Week is Fox News talking head Kate Obenshain. During a recent discussion of the Barack Obama lapel pin non-story, the completely uninformed Kate Obenshain repeatedly says that that Obama chose to stop wearing the lapel pin in the middle of the campaign, giving voice to an absurd right wing attack on Obama's patriotism. If she had simply read the first AP article and not just its headline she would have realized that the decision was made years ago. Kate Obenshain is this week's winner of the Wurlitzer Prize for Wingnuttery.

A dishonorable mention goes to Alan Colmes for allowing a sad, pathetic, crazy woman to give uncorrected voice to the myth that Barack Obama made a decision to stop wearing a flag lapel pin in the middle of the Presidential Campaign,