Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yarmuth Shows House How Oversight Is Done

Proud Liberal John Yarmuth, D-KY 3, gave Condi Rice what for in today's House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing. Via BlueGrassRoots:

Reminded by Yarmuth that the State Department's own inspector general recently found a rising level of Iraqi corruption that was compared to a "second insurgency," Rice still refused to say whether she believed conditions had worsened.

"...Some things have gotten better, some things have gotten worse...I can't give you a net assessment on the spot," Rice said.

Yarmuth told her that he and others were elected to Congress last fall because the American people were convinced "that they weren't leveled with about the conduct of this war, and that...if the administration had been more candid, then maybe the approval rating for what we're doing over there would be of reasonable levels."

"And, unfortunately, this total stonewalling and lack of candor is what's contributing to a lack of confidence in the American people," the Louisville lawmaker said.

And what has Ben Chandler, Kentucky's Sixth District DINO, done lately - or ever - to hold Smirky's maladministration accountable for the infinite number of disasters it has inflicted on the Sixth District and the nation?

(Crickets. Crickets.)

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