Thursday, November 29, 2007

Business group: CO2 cuts don’t have to be socially pricey

The McKinsey Group, a consulting firm, claims the U.S. can make significant carbon dioxide cuts without major lifestyle changes. McKinsey says increased fuel efficiency in cars, much greater use of fluorescent lights, better heating/air conditioning/appliance efficiency and building insulation, and carbon sequestration will do the trick.

Well, I’m with you on the first three.

Now, will the Big Three, and green-traitor Toyota, stop fighting CAFE standard increases?

Will the federal government pass legislation to phase out incandescent light bulbs and to set appliance efficiency and building standards?

And, will McKinsey find any reputable organization to guarantee that once-sequestered CO2 will remain always-sequestered CO2?

And, as the article notes, if electric utilities have to pay the costs of sequestration, how will the poor be kept from being the most hurt by electric bill increases?

The devil’s always in the details, isn’t it?