Thursday, November 15, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 15, 2007

America's Jobs and America's Workers is the first targeted TV ad by any Democratic candidate in South Carolina. It began airing on November 13. John Edwards must believe his fortunes are improving in South Carolina and there seems to be some support for that view. Earlier this month the Cold Hearted Truth's Election 2008 reported

John Edwards improved the most in South Carolina, gaining 6% in average from September to October, but on the down side for Edwards he’s been in third place there in every poll over the past two months (and, with only two October polls, that average could be heavily skewed by one outlier).
I don't know what his internal polling shows, but of late the three way race has tightened in Iowa and if he is improving in South Carolina he must believe a South Carolina ad buy is money well spent.

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