Friday, November 2, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 2, 2007

I first saw today's campaign video on "Hardball." The video says it was paid for by Hillary's campaign and that is the way it was pitched on MSNBC yesterday. I can't find it on Hillary's website. It is possible that the video was pulled after Chris Matthews' unfavorable review. If you know more about the video drop me a line.

The notes from the person who posted The Politics of Pile On to YouTube say

Here is what Hillary's handlers have come up with after she flubbed a debate, their conclusion, it's because she is a woman.
The video makes her look weak and defenseless against all those big old nasty men who are attacking her.

Truthfully, Hillary is the clear front runner. She is the favorite to win the White House. Front runners are always attacked by the pack. It happens regardless of the front runner's sex.

If playing the sex card is all Hillary's people can come up with to counter her poor debate performance the other night, Hillary needs new people.

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UPDATE: The video is at HillaryClintondotcom.