Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 20, 2007

As the results of the latest ABC Poll suggest the Democratic presidential campaign in Iowa is no longer a procession to the inevitable. Instead, it is hand to hand combat. For the moment Obama seems to have an advantage, and Hillary Clinton is sinking. In the middle of this battle Hillary has introduced a new commercial intended to tout her strength and experience to defeat the Republican attack machine.

As the big boys from the consolidated corporate media often forget, the battle in Iowa is a three way fight. John Edwards is right in the mix. His position is bolstered this morning by Blogger Jed of The Jed Report who has introduced his own video challenging Hillary Clinton's claim that John Edwards has flip flopped on health care. He even has the temerity to suggest that Hillary herself has shifted positions on the subject over the last few years.

Any of the three linked videos would be a great campaign video of the day. I am picking the jedreport video instead of the Obama produced video using footage from ABC and the new Hillary ad because even though he doesn't have a staff of professionals, Jed's video might be just as meaningful as either of the campaign produced videos.

If you encounter a campaign video in need of greater play, please email the link to proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject Campaign Video of the Day.

All in all this Christmas season is going to be most political in memory.