Sunday, November 25, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 25, 2007

The campaigns haven't put up much during the holiday. I would bet that is going to change today. In the absence of "professional" campaign video, I thought I might share some really good independently produced videos. The first "reel" is from Directinglegend. It is a short (39 seconds) for Mike Gravel. Very catchy. Too short.

The second is BARACK OBAMA: THE STORM. Submitted to youtube by tfchuck it is positive in its support for Barack Obama. It really paints the picture of a change storm brewing. Tfchuck is clearly attempting to elevate political video to high art. I love the music.

Today's winner, hands down, is "Hillary Clinton Is Gonna Be There." Posted to youtube by StupidVds it is a very positive pro-Hillary throwback gingle. You have to know that StupidVds says it is influenced by Monty Python and Tom Green. I don't know if it is serious or satire, but after a while I didn't care. It is simply infectious.

If you encounter a campaign video you really love, please email a link to subject: Campaign Video of the Day.