Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 27, 2007

Today's campaign video is a lot longer than normal. Women for Obama runs over 19 minutes. It is from BarackObamadotcom so it is an official campaign video. This video has the audacity to go after Hillary Clinton's presumed core constituency--women. It also contains some really good video of Michelle Obama.

There is a disturbing Zogby poll abroad today. It shows Hillary trailing all the Republican candidates, while both Obama and Edwards beat all of them handily. I am not so sure I trust the poll, it seems just tooooo convenient, but if it is true, I suspect it is because Hillary and all of the Republicans represent a continuation of politics as usual. America is ready for change. Beyond being a woman, Hillary is emblematic of politics as usual. A lot of people are afraid that if Hillary were a man she would be just another bit player in the corporate red/blue kabuki dance that is Washington politics. Americans want someone who can rise above.

I know it is long but watch today's video. Spend a little time. If we have learned anything the last 8 years, we have learned that electing a President isn't a sporting event. it is the most important decision we make as a body politic. Electing a President shouldn't be based on an opinion informed only by the corporate funded propaganda of the Washington pundit class reinforced by slick 30 second sound spots. It is time to focus.

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