Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 28, 2007

Having pounded each other's experience, Barack and Hillary are now trading celebrity endorsements. Hillary has Bill stumping for her. Barack has responded with Oprah. Hillary has raised with Barbara Streisand. Who cares? It seems the consolidated corporate media's talking heads care. They are all in full Access Hollywood mode.

All the while John Edwards is out there campaigning for the votes of the 37 million Americans who are in poverty and the many millions of the pressured middle class who are afraid they and their loved ones might just slip into poverty. Today's video is called 37 Days Until The New Hampshire Primary and is from the Edwards campaign.

I know its about 40 days until the NH Primary, but this video is intended to splash on Sunday, December 2nd.

As the economy darkens John Edwards' populist message becomes ever more relevant. His message will probably peak after the primary season ends. Will Democrats be stuck with a consolidated corporate media candidate committed to the usual politics of corporate plunder?

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