Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- November 6, 2007

Today I have three videos for you to consider.

The first is called Rudy Flip-Flops on Biden's Experience. It catches Rudy in a bald faced lie. No surprise here. Rudy just doesn't know how to tell the truth. Sadly he isn't smart enough to realize that when he is doing a radio interview he is being taped.

The second is called 1984 is Coming-Immediate Action Required!
It is an examination of HR 1955 the thought crime bill that could have been better numbered HR 1984. Frankly, you need to watch ladalang's homegrown video and then be afraid, very afraid. The bill is slipping through Congress with little or no media coverage, but with enthusiastic bipartisan support. Jane Harman steered it through the House. Susan Collins is the Senate sponsor.

The winner is from NCDem and is called "Hillary is the Status Quo Candidate." In a change election the worst thing you can be is a defender of the status quo. Clinton needs to demonstrate that she is a change agent and she needs to start demonstrating it now. If she doesn't she will prove vulnerable to attacks just like this one.

If you encounter a video you think needs greater coverage, please email the link to proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject campaign video of the day.