Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The First Veto Override


That was the vote in the House - the Senate is expected to do the same - in what looks like the first veto override of Bush's presidency. Of course, he hasn't vetoed all that much - just stem cell research, children's health, troop support, and now water.

That's right. He saved his veto pen for a $23 billion bill called the Water Resource Development Act. Without the override, it would be devastating to Florida's Everglades. Pollution, waterway redirection and growth have taken their toll on a key component of Florida's water supply and storm protection. It needs to be repaired as do other nationwide projects such as damns and flood-control systems that protect people, homes and property.

The joke is on us for the reason why: he thinks it costs too much. There's Bush, champion of no spending except on a useless war or tax cuts for his rich buddies or no-bid contracts for same. Then, it's all about the spending - a $477 billion deficit and counting.

But that's not what really grates me about this veto. I expect it from the idiot who seems to take pleasure in stopping anything that aids the little people. The override is what gets me. Out of the all the bills and all the issues, THIS is the one that Congress decides to stand up for! Think about it. In the scheme of all the issues where Congress could (and should) show some strength, they picked this.

It's almost like Congress smiled and said, "We get our water; you get your waterboarding." Spineless.