Sunday, November 25, 2007

Freddo: Damn the revenue losses; full speed flat taxes ahead

Fred Thompson, saying people always overestimate the revenue losses when flat taxes are mentioned, is proposing a two-tier “flat” tax system.

Asked whether the plan would cut too deeply into federal revenues, the former Tennessee senator and actor said experts “always overestimate the losses to the government” when taxes are cut.

“We’ve known for years any time we have lowered taxes and any time we’ve lowered tax rates, we’ve seen growth in the economy,” Thompson said.

Sounds like he’s trying to mix the worst of flat taxes with the worst of the Laffer curve. Good luck with that one, Freddo; if you succeed, you will have trumped previous GOP stupidity on this issue, and that’s not easy to do.

And who’s the we? You, Laffer and the mouse in your pocket? Even many GOPers have stopped drinking that Kool-Aid.