Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He's outta there...

Ed Martin is out as Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's Chief of Staff.

Blunt named Trish Vincent, Department of Revenue director, as his new Chief of Staff in a hastily called news conference that was held late in the day on Tuesday.

Matty B. gave the standard excuse that is issued when politicos get canned: “He wants to pursue new opportunities to serve Missouri where he can spend more time with his wonderful wife, Carol, and their two children.”

Uh huh...sure...and I have some lakefront property in Mercer County with a panoramic view...(Mercer County has Lakes Paho and Marie - and they ain't neither one the least bit scenic...)

Martin has been roundly criticized for his mishandling of the Scott Eckersley firing, and even Steve Kraske had to admit there was a problem in the Blunt Administration about the way Eckersley was treated (granted, Kraske had to get sandwiched between Kit Wagar and Dave Helling after Wagar was shoved by one of baby guv's body guards - after baby guv literally ran from the press, before he even addressed the issue).

When pressed by reporters to give an answer on whether he had asked for Martin's resignation, Blunt engaged in a game of duck-and-weave and didn't answer the question, finally quipping (like the juvenile punk he is and ever shall be) “If you’re confused, that’s my intent.”

That's cool - play to your strengths and be a jackass, Matt - and when you get sent packing in 50 weeks and replaced by a grown-up, that's my intent.

[That's all, folks...]