Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Huckabee is officially big time

How can we tell? The MSM has its first “the whole truth” profile story on him.

First, a general comment on my part. Being a governor is the current favored way to run for the presidency. Unlike in the Senate, you get to claim an executive record, leadership, etc.

Problem is, when you’re a Mike Huckabee and have been guv for more than a decade, you’ve got plenty of flip side record too.

Reducing the sentence of a rapist and getting him out on parole can make you weak in the eyes of “tough on crime” Republicans.

Accepting a number of gifts while in office can taint you amongst the few GOPers who might actually have an ethics backbone.

You also can develop history of flip-flopping, as Huckabee appears to have done in illegal immigration. Of course, he’s not alone. Democrats, in general, haven’t taken a stance on this issue of any strength in the first place, and with the exception of Tom Tancredo, most Republicans have done a mix of flip-flopping and straddling.

Part of the fun to me will be to see how down-and-dirty a true Religious Right candidate is willing to be in response to the attack ads that are now sure to start piling up.

Update, 10:40 p.m. CST: I've browsed a couple of other bloggers' recaps of the GOP debate, and I'm surprised more people didn't go after Huckabee harder.