Sunday, November 4, 2007

John Edwards and the Kentucky Governor's Race

I don't know if any of the other Democratic presidential candidates are paying this kind of attention, but John Edwards' campaign is sending emails to all of the Kentuckians on its email list encouraging them to vote for the Democratic candidates this Tuesday.

This Tuesday, you can help us start building Democratic Party majorities around the country, starting right here in Kentucky.

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At a time when the disgraced policies of George Bush are dragging down Republicans in state-level races in nearly every district in the country, Democrats in Kentucky know that, starting Tuesday, this coming year could be more than just an election year -- it could be the year when a fundamental realignment takes place, from the Kentucky state house to the White House.

John Edwards is committed to expanding the map and turning red states into blue states. Time and time again, opinion polls show John is the one Democratic candidate for president who can win in red states, blue states -- and across our nation.

So this Tuesday, please take time to vote for Democratic Party candidates running statewide in Kentucky -- and join John in changing America over the next 12 months.


David Bonior
National Campaign Manager, John Edwards for President
November 3, 2007

Note: no request for money. Just an unadorned demonstration of Edwards' committment to growing and strengthening Democrats at the grass-roots level in every single state, no matter how "red."

'Course, Edwards probably has a soft spot for Kentucky after the incredible reception he got in Columbia last month. And the Kentucky Governor's race has a high national profile. But are any other Democratic presidential hopefuls making this kind of effort? If you've gotten any similar communication from Kucinich, Gravel, Richardson, Biden, Dodd, Obama or Clinton, let me know in comments.

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