Sunday, November 18, 2007

John McCain, master of irony on Armageddon

McCain says, in talking about Twelver Shi’ites, that he doesn’t get their beliefs:

“I don’t claim to be an expert on the Muslim religion ... but everyone I know that is an expert on the Muslim faith says the president of Iran’s theory is one that is not shared by the overwhelming majority of people of that faith, that there has to be an Armageddon and the 12th or 13th — I thought it was the 13th — Imam comes to power," McCain said. "I'd find that very disturbing if that view was shared by a lot people.”

Yet, he has no problem cozying up to Christian fundamentalists who believe that a pure red heifer has to be born, and sacrificed in Israel, so that a new Jewish temple of Soloman can be built, so that Jesus can return, not caring whether or not that the necessary destruction of the Dome of the Rock would bring about the equivalent of Armageddon, no metaphysical deities needed.

But, that first statement wasn’t enough. We also have this:
“It is dangerous to have a leader of a nation who believes and desires and promotes Armageddon to advance a particular religious outcome.”

Our current “crusader” president notwithstanding?

That’s our Schmuck Talk Express™ — the master of unwitting irony!

And, I don’t know what “experts” in Islam McCain is talking to, but Twelver Shi’ites are 80 percent of all Shi’ites, and not just Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The percentage of Twelvers among total Shi’ites is higher in Iran, in fact. And, while they all believe the now-hidden Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, will eventually be revealed to restore the world to justice, this doesn’t necessarily involve “Armageddon.”

And, what if it does? McCain’s would-be fundie buddies all expect a literal Armageddon, no, they lust for it.

Hell, the Schmuck Talk Express™ has enough to worry about with Christian Armageddon theology from his church-hopping.

So, Big John, how about a nice, steaming cup of STAFGU — Shut the ArmaFuckingGeddon Up?