Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Katherine Shields Found Not Guilty

Remember Bradley Schlozman? One of the things bad Brad did while interim US attorney in Kansas City last winter was indict local Democrat Katherine Shields for mortgage fraud in the middle of her race for mayor. Of course that indictment came down before everybody in America realized that Mr. Schlozman was just another loyal Bushie who was sent to Kansas City to tend to Karl Rove's business of electing Republicans by indicting Democrats.

Well, earlier today Katherine and her husband Phil Cardarella were found not guilty. Are we surprised? After all that we have learned about the Gonzales "Just Us" department, I'm not.

In fairness, two of the other defendants were found guilty of participating in a scheme to buy the Cardarellas' house for an inflated price. Apparently, there was insufficient proof that the Shields and her husband were aware of, or stood to gain by, the fradulent transaction that had been organized by a con artist named Raymond Zwego. Zwego pleaded guilty before trial and testified for the prosecution.

In this case, there was a crime. There was just no evidence that either Shields or Cardarella was involved. They marketed their house for $700,000 and that is how much they received. The con man and his crew organized a scheme to "borrow" $1,100,000 to "buy" the house for $1,200,000. According to the Kansas City Star Zwego put the extra $400,000 in his pocket.

Thanks Brad, in your zeal to get a Democrat during the middle of an election, a real bad guy, Raymond Zwego, is going to get a reduced sentence.