Friday, November 9, 2007

Mukasey vote swapped for DoD pork

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid swapped Mike Mukasey’s nomination for the Defense Department appropriations bill, which doesn’t include Iraq and Afghanistan costs.

This was a routine appropriations bill. So what, so what the fuck, if GOP Senators were using procedural tactics to delay it? Reid could have played that same game with some bill some Republicans lusted after.

Instead, Mukasey was swapped out for military pork. No other way to put it.

The DoD regular appropriations bill is about 50 percent pork as it is. Probably would have done the country a damn bit of good, Mukasey aside, for it to sit a while.

And, Dodd got stiffed out of the chance to filibuster, and deliberately, I believe.

I hereby nominate Harry Reid for the “Get Some Conejos” prize of the week.