Friday, November 16, 2007

Once in a while, Bloggers bitch and Congress eventually listens...

Last month, before Mukasey was confirmed, there was talk about just giving him the gig in a recess appointment. Of course, we - meaning the left side of the blogosphere - went nuts.

My exact words were:

Probably so. Wouldn't put it past the sonofabitch for a hot second, but there is an easy way to thwart that possibility, and they damn well know it!

Don't officially call a recess.

A couple of Dems need to stay behind in Washington. Call the Senate to order every day of the scheduled recess, even without a quorum. I realize that this is the same party that was in a big toot to get their vacations started in August, so they caved on FISA, but damnit! Read the freakin' Jefferson's Manual!
Mikulski and Webb live in close enough proximity to the Hill to employ the tactic and not even be greatly inconvenienced.

For every parliamentary maneuver, there is a parliamentary check. And if we don't have Democrats who know how this god-damned game is played, then we need some new god-damned Democrats.

Today, Roll Call is reporting that Reid pulled the trigger, and the Senate will stay in Pro Forma session over the Thanksgiving break, so the Resident can't use recess appointments to put his Loyal-Bushie cronies in positions of power (especially in the Department of Justice) without Senate approval.

About god-damned time that bastard Reid grew a pair. It's his responsibility to keep the fucking Senate in session until the end of the error in January 2009. Screw Bush. Give that bastard nothing, unless it's a stroke.

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