Friday, November 9, 2007

Ralph Nader Visits Orlando

A blogger for the Orlando Sentinel attended the event and he shared these two tidbits:

Nader pointed out the benefits of solar power, nuclear energy and why exactly we need to destroy the corporate monopoly on energy. He said that corporations don't like the idea of solar because it is difficult to control and regulate.

"Corporations want energy they can control," Nader said, "this control then gives them political power and power over you."

Succinct indictment of the Bush's administration againt going green. And then there was this about 2000 Election:
An older attendee asked Nader if he was aware of his complicity in having Bush as our president, the War in Iraq and everything else that has come out of the current administration. The guest was referring to the notion that Nader's presence in the 2000 election cost Democratic Candidate Al Gore victory over President George Bush. He asked how Nader felt about being used as a tool and a pawn by Karl Rove.

"As I recall, Gore did win the election," Nader responded, "it was just stolen from him by Bush."

A nicely done review of the presentation.