Thursday, November 1, 2007

Right Thinking Plays A Game

I check in with the right on several sites just to see what the talk of the day is. You can never tell what you'll find. From the real wingers to those who hate what the Republican party has become, you can learn a lot about the way their minds work.

Today, I checked in with Right Thinking From the Left Coast, a somewhat aggressively written and sarcastic blog with a good take on Bush's destruction of the Constitution. I came across this post by GripeBoy that twists an event in Australia into an argument against gun control.

Man killed in fight over watering
SYDNEY, Australia - A 66-year-old man was bashed to death while watering his lawn following an argument with a neighbor over the city’s water restrictions, police and media said Thursday.

His conclusion:

I support mandatory hand and leg cuffs to prevent this kind of tragedy. If he had to get the key from the cupboard, he may have had just enough time to cool down.

It’s real simple. People will find a way to kill other people, regardless of the tools involved.

This seemed like some sort of logic game so I thought I'd play too.

It's called One Way or Another So Why Not This Way (that should be legal).

Naturally, if People are going to kill people ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, why not by someone with a gun?

Here's one: If automobile accidents are going to occur ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, why not by allowing drunk drivers to drive?

Another: If fires are going to happen ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, why not give matches to arsonists?

I could keep going forever but this is idiocy in reasoning. Just because something will happen, it doesn't absolve us from trying to keep it from happening in other reckless ways; in other words, minimizing the possibility.

There are real pro and con arguments about gun control but this isn't one of them. Unfortunately, it's the easy type of sound bite answers that Republicans can remember. They latch onto these illogical arguments to support their positions and their reasons for insane actions. We just need to learn to call them on it like John Edwards advises here.

Next time, we'll play the Justification Game where we justify doing illegal and inhumane things because OTHERS DO IT.