Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thank you for your service…but only if you agree with our politics

What a bunch of punks.

The Veterans Day Parade Committee in Long Breach, California prevented members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out from marching in the annual Veterans Day parade. You know, phony soldiers and all that…

The parade organizers claim that those who object to aWol’s vanity war were denied a place in the procession because the parade is “about respect for veterans.”

Yep. You read that right.

They respect veterans too much to let veterans who oppose the war participate in a parade to honor veterans. (Next up: They will destroy Long Beach to save it.)

I’m sure that’s why the men and women they spurned served – why they were willing to get shot at – they made the sacrifices they made so they could be silenced by reich-wing warmongers who lionize violence on the day we set aside to honor the service and sacrifice of those who step up and serve.

I do believe we have crossed the line and are deep into Kafka territory. I shall not be the least bit surprised if I wake up tomorrow transformed, with six legs and an exoskeleton.

[That's all...]