Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wurlitzer Prize™ for Wingnuttery for the Week Ending 11/17/07

In an age when the modern Republican party & its many apologists/enablers offer so many examples of wingnutty goodness on a daily (nay, hourly) basis, it is sometimes difficult (even for I, Wurlitzer) to select one example for appropriate derision. But, select one I have, for this week I decided to narrow the subject of my research to the frontrunners of the GOPers running for their party's nomination for president. And by narrowing my focus, what do I discover? That Rudy Giuliani was for socialized medicine, before he was against it. on, my naughty little pandas...

Though Rudy has spent many a-year toiling amongst the other trolls of the Republican party, he has never been a true conservative (facist, yes; conservative, no). Being a Republican in New York City is not quite the same as being a Republican in Maricopa County, AZ, for instance. Perhaps, in the same way the conservatives like to say that "a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged," it may be likely that "a liberal is a conservative who has had prostate cancer."

He began his tenure in City Hall vowing to curb the role of government in health care. He removed large numbers of people from welfare. He tried, but failed, to sell off New York City’s public hospital system. And he discouraged New Yorkers from enrolling in Medicaid, the government health program for the poor, telling city health officials that the program was a “bad idea.”

But in the spring of 2000, during his second term and soon after he received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, he suddenly announced that the city would embark on one of the most aggressive efforts in the country to enroll children and adults in public health programs like Medicaid and Child Health Plus, the state insurance program for children.

Sadly, just as he abandoned his horrific combover of years past, in pursuit of the plum that is the GOPer nomination, he has abandoned all since of shame.

In campaigning for president, Rudolph W. Giuliani has criticized Democrats for promoting “socialized” medicine, boasted about his record as mayor of New York City for dramatically reducing public assistance, and vigorously opposed expanding government health insurance for children.
Indeed, Rudy was a proud promoter of SCHIP while he was mayor. But, of course, while running for president he runs away from his record, going so far as to endorse Bush's veto of SCHIP expansion...a program he specifically endorsed and promoted expansion of while he was NYC mayor.

As we enter the annual gift-giving season, what is an appropriate gift for a man so willing to abandon any sense of principle as he strives for power? Oh, wait a minute, here 'tis: