Thursday, December 6, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- December 6, 2007

There were several candidates for Campaign Video of the Day. There was the new Rudy Giuliani ad nominated by Apollo 13. In it Giuliani wraps himself in the arms of Ronald Reagan and rewrites history. There was the Tom Tancredo ad. Tom does his best to make all illegal immigrates sound like gang members raping and pillaging the nation. While there is little doubt that central American gang bangers do make their way to America and they are a serious problem, most illegals are like the crew who, until yesterday, took care of Mitt Romney's lawn. They are hard working folks fleeing from a land of economic injustice.

Today's Campaign Video of the Day is Mike Huckabee's response to the Wayne Dumond story that has exploded around him. It stands in stark contrast to the account provided by Murray Waas of the Huffington Post. If Waas' account is correct Huckabee pushed for Dummond's release to satisfy Arkansas Clinton haters blinded by the fact that Dumond was charged with raping a distant Clinton relative. If Clinton was "involved" Dumond had to be innocent. If Waas is right Huckabee knew better, but gave in to his swamp fevered supporters.

Watch the video and tell me Huck isn't parsing his words very carefully. This is a story that could sink Huckabee. If Waas is right Huckabee pushed for the release of a known rapist to satisfy his political supporters, a rapist who after his release, raped and murdered at least one and possibly two women in Missouri. If Waas is right Huckabee presided as possibly two women were sacrificed by Clinton haters on the alter of the Right Wing Noise Machine--Arkansas branch. Now Huckabee is unrepentant. What would Jesus say?

Today's Campaign Video of the Day is Mike Huckabee Responds to Wayne Dumond Story. Sadly, I am afraid that given the nature of reporting in America nobody will follow up and verify Waas' story. The Wolf Blitzers of the world are content to let the contending accounts contend unexamined.

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