Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Clinton Campaign Has Another Bad Idea

Let me see if I can explain this story simply. Hillary Clinton is betting no one can explain it clearly enough to implicate her. I think I can do it. Here goes. First some background.

1. Iowans are just like everybody else. A candidate can knock an opponent's poll numbers down by going negative.

2. Iowans don't like negative ads. They punish any candidate who goes negative.

3. Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual 3 way dead heat in Iowa.

4. Hillary Clinton wants to knock both John Edwards and Barack Obama down.

Now a little story. Clinton Campaign strategists are lounging around a hotel room table drinking boxed wine. They are asking each other the same question over and over "What can we do?" "What can we do?" Then after about the third glass of wine somebody comes up with a clever idea.

"Why don't we have a friendly union put out a flier attacking Barack Obama's health care plan?"

"We can't do that, Iowans will punish us and Edwards will move up."

"Not if we make the flier look like it was put out by the Edwards campaign. Since it is coming from a union and not the campaign Hillary's name won't be mentioned anywhere on the flier."

"You don't think they will figure it out?"

"Those dumb Iowa hicks aren't smart enough. The media won't punish us. They didn't punish George Bush when Karl Rove spread the word that John McCain had a black love child."

Here is your pop quiz. Can you guess what the Clinton campaign did next.

1. After the wine wore off sober heads nixed the idea? or

2. They put the plan into action hoping nobody would notice?

If you picked 2 you would be right.

Sadly for Hill and Bill MSNBC is reporting that somebody noticed. The Edwards campaign is screaming foul. The only thing not known is whether the folks at the top of the highly organized and professionally run Clinton campaign actually approved the stunt. What is known is that the AFSCME is backing Clinton and this morning it has a lot of egg on its face.

This is the second Hillary Clinton dirty trick we have reported this morning. She must be in real trouble in Iowa. I am beginning to think that Hillary is auditioning for a role on "Desperate Housewives."